Well Child Nutritional Clinics

$25 per family. Must have 4 people/families registered to hold.
Workshops by Caitlyn Witte, B.S. Nutrition Counselor

Workshops by Caitlyn Witte, B.S. Nutrition Counselor

November 4th, 6:00 PM
Complimentary Feeding 6 months-12 months: Switching from exclusive breastfeeding to breastfeeding in combination with food is often a very difficult balance. Learn what constitutes a picky eater learning their first foods versus a child with problematic food aversion. Learn what foods, textures, and quantities to begin with to limit the possibility of allergies and rejection, all the while ensuring that our little ones get every nutrient they need!

December 2nd, 6:00 PM
Healthy Mealtime Habits and Nutrition for Preschoolers: Preschoolers can be some of our pickiest eaters at this point in their life. With their non-stop schedule of constant learning and ever-important play time it can sometimes be difficult to institute healthy mealtime habits. Learn fun school lunch ideas and tips and tricks to begin a nourishing diet and healthy lifestyle choices that will be building blocks for the years to come.

FREE Parent Workshops

Connect Through Play, November 16th 6:00 PM by: Nicole Ford MSW

In this workshop, you will learn specialized play therapy techniques to connect more deeply with your child, help them feel seen and heard, and reduce challenging behaviors. You will learn and practice concrete skills to put into use right away. Nicole Ford is a Heart Centered Psychotherapist. She works with children, adults, and families. She loves to help people uncover their inner gifts and build lives that feel connected and joyful. She has been working in the community mental health field for over a decade and is proud to call the Gorge her home.