Introducing a Story Book

When we aren't found playing, you will most likely see us with a children's book in our hands! When introducing a new book to your child, here are some strategies you can use to increase your child's engagement and wonder! 

  • Invite your child to respond to the new book by looking at the illustrations and thinking about other similar stories
  • Invite the child to share an experience that would be similar to the story.
  • Sketch the plot up to the climax, leaving the surprise untold in order to create a framework for anticipating what will occur. 
  • Develop understanding around the theme of the book. Explain any concepts or plot twists that might be confusing to the child.
  • Restate or expand the child's statements in order to maintain the interaction.
  • Prompt the child using a variety of questions and pauses such as the following:
    • Link information from pictures to the child's personal knowledge. Use questions such as, "have you done that?"
    • Pause for the child to generate an ending. The pause indicates to the child that he is to finish telling what might happen. 
    • Encourage reflection by asking questions such as, "How did you know that?" This encourages children to consider what they are thinking. 

Like everyone else, children are uncomfortable and sometimes even afraid of things that are new to them. Taking the time to introduce a new book to a child can increase his interest in reading it. 

Sarah McDonnell