Meet Caitlyn Witte, B.S. Nutrition Counselor

Caitlyn Witte received her B.S. in Clinical Nutrition from Francisco Marroquín University in Guatemala in 2016. While in Guatemala, Caitlyn obtained extensive clinical experience with pediatric patients with complex nutritional needs. Her experience includes outpatient pediatric care and inpatient pediatric hospital settings. Following completion of her formal education in Guatemala, Caitlyn relocated to Hood River, Oregon.  She is passionate about continuing her love for pediatric medical nutrition therapy and making a difference through nutrition. Caitlyn is fluent in Spanish and excited to offer bilingual and accessible nutritional counseling and education in association with the wonderful SLPs of Play Works.

Caitlyn will be offering Well Child (Niño Sano) Nutritional Clinics on the first Friday of every month, focusing on some of the most broad-spectrum and important nutritional topics necessary for the adequate growth and development of children. The first Well Child Nutritional Clinic will be held on October 7th and will focus on breastfeeding and nutrition for mom, so bring all of your breastfeeding questions and concerns! The Well Child Nutritional Clinics will also include a brief evaluation and measurements of your child, plotting them on their growth curve, and identifying any nutritional needs at that time. You will then have the opportunity to schedule private nutritional counseling at a discounted rate. The Well Child Nutritional Clinics will be provided at an accessible cost of $25 per patient, requiring a minimum of 4 patients per session.

We are thrilled to have Caitlyn join our team of pediatric therapy professionals. Please help us in welcoming her to Hood River!

Sarah McDonnell, MA CCC-SLP


Emily Mashburn