Community Therapy Services

We know that life is busy and schedules are full, so let us help you meet your child's therapy needs. The experienced therapy team at Play Works Children's Therapies is able to provide community based services, delivering the speech, feeding, and occupational therapy services within your home, daycare, or preschool. 

This opportunity is perfect for children who may be working on:

  • Social language
  • Developing meaningful relationships with peers
  • Maintaining attention within structured group routines
  • Speech and language intelligibility in a group setting
  • Emotional regulation / decrease behavioral outbursts
  • Expanding play skills
  • and more!

Most insurance plans will cover community based therapy just as they would outpatient therapy. Let us help you determine your child's therapy benefits. 

We are able to travel up to 5 miles from our clinic location free of charge. If you live, or your child attends childcare further than 5 miles from us we may have to apply a small travel fee.